Hola palsss😃! Here’s it! The second blogger interview on my blog! Today I’m posting an interview I did with Maggie @Maggie’s Doodles…she’s a wonderful blogger guys and yea I love her doodling too! I myself love doodling ! I found the content on her blog very creative which forced me to request an interview and yes,here it is! So now let’s get started 👇

S:What was the first thing which inspired you to write? R:It was actually my pets! When I was little, the first story I wrote was about my pet guinea pig. From there, I wrote more stories about the adventures my pets went on, then I tried out writing different genres, like fantasy!

S:Oh srsly a new one! this is the first time I saw someone having such an initial topic of writing ! I like it .. intresting hmm. How did you come to know about blogging? R:  I joined a website called HomeschoolBlogger a long time ago! On that site, everyone got to have their own personal blog. Since blogging is like online journaling (and I already love journaling!), I loved getting to have a blog, and I’ve run several over the years! 🥰

S:Oh wow! I’m kinda new at this 😅.According to you,what’s the most important point to keep in mind while we are creating a blog? R:Always keep in mind what YOU love to write about! That can change over time, so if you think about that when naming your blog, starting post series, etc, you’ll be able to enjoy blogging for a long time to come.

S: Do you believe in writing on different factors of a particular topic or taking up new topics every time ? R:I think there are benefits to both types of writing! The first allows you (and your audience!) to learn a lot about one thing, and the second way expands your knowledge on various things, and your readers learn through your posts too. So I really can’t pick which I like more!

S:Yea! I agree! Lastly, be honest amd tell me what do you think about my blogs? R:I really like how you curate your content, use beautiful colored blocks, and involve others in your posts! 😊💕💕

Thankyou so much for being a part of this guest post Maggie 😀!

Have a nice day palsss!! ADIOSSSS 🖤❤️!